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2nd Grade

Language Arts

In reading, we will focus on comprehension and fluency. Students will use the SuperKids Reading curriculum. Students will read informational Super Magazines and leveled Book Club books. Students will work on comprehension strategies through explicit instruction in small groups.We will work on word work through phonics, structural analysis, grammar and spelling. We will work on strengthening writing skills through the daily Super Kid writing lessons and class writing projects. Students will use the writing process to write longer, more structured narratives, informational texts and opinion pieces.


We will work on strengthening base ten notation, fluency with addition and subtraction and standard base of measurements. In 2nd grade, the focus is on word problems. two and three digit addition and subtraction, place value, time, money, measurements, and fact fluency. We will work on several strategies for addition and subtraction as we strengthen our word problem solving skills. We will be using Eureka Math Common Core Mathematics Curriculum. We will be using math stations to strengthen target skills.

Social Studies

We learn about family as a way to learn about the lives, struggles, traditions of their ancestors. We will read about people who have made a difference in our world and describe heroes who have contributed to their lives. We will learn about the locations of people, places and environments.We will learn about government laws and the role of the president and citizens. Students will work on a Family Heritage Project where they will learn about their ancestors and interview a family member.


The science program follows NGSS standards and focuses on four different units : physical science, life science, earth science, and engineering design. We will learn about the states and changes of matter. We will learn about ecosystems and life cycles. We will examine how land can change slowly or quickly by wind or water.


As a class, we will study the sacraments with special attention focused on the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. The baptized Catholic students will receive both of these sacraments in the spring. We use Loyola Press,Christ Our Life curriculum to help foster children’s love of God while also providing a deeper knowledge of our Catholic faith.