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Founded in 1893, St. Elizabeth Elementary School, in partnership with parents, is a caring Catholic community committed to the education of children. In this safe and nurturing environment, we prepare our students to become spiritually aware, socially conscious and lifelong learners who respond to the Gospel message.

Lumen Christi Academies Mission

The Lumen Christi Academies (LCA) offer a faith-based environment that reflects the diversity of our communities and ignites students to be the light of Christ in the world. We attract, support and holistically form students, families and teachers. We are building a firm financial foundation to innovate our programs and facilities to ensure equitable access to excellence for all.

LCA Root Beliefs: widely agreed upon and shared truths

  • We share in God’s love and live in service of others.
  • Mutual trust builds respectful and inclusive communities.
  • Collaborative and constructive dialogue inspires holistic development.
  • Empowered learners persevere through the lifelong journey.
  • Critical thinkers seek the truth with an open mind and an open heart.

LCA Core Values: timeless, enduring, and intrinsically important principles

  • Faith: Christ-centered
  • Community: Unite through God’s grace
  • Service: Answer the call to serve
  • Equity: Advocate for opportunity and justice
  • Excellence: Strive to attain full potential