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21st Century After School Program

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) is a learning centers funded with federal grant to educate kindergarten through eighth grade students in an urban area through a before and after-school program, and a family literacy program.

The program involves the University of California at Berkeley, local elementary and middle schools, and community partnerships to serve students and their families in East Oakland. The 21st CCLC’s program emphasizes the value of community members, local organizations, businesses, and individuals working together and contributing ideas. It is also to help with program assessment and support our efforts to bring more services and activities to our school.

The purpose of our program is to expand learning beyond the school day and beyond classroom doors and walls. Our programs are an expansion of the school day, not an extension: what we do compliment, supports, and enhances daily classroom instruction. The program, while structured, provides staff and students with choices.

Our program focuses on creating educational projects that make learning fun. Students participate in a balance of individual activities, small and large group activities, indoor and outdoor activities, and quiet as well as active play.