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My husband and I are proud parents of a 6th grader and 1st grader attending Saint Elizabeth Elementary School. We love how our school supports our children's development holistically. The community and faith aspects enable our children to grow autonomy, empathy and academically. The teachers facilitate learning in fun and innovative ways. The technology and games used as different modalities for fun learning allow our children to explore educational subjects from various approaches.

Our teachers advocate for children and parent education. This supports our children’s abilities to take on more leadership roles in our school community. My oldest child has joined our schools conservation Green Team Club and has brought awareness to the importance of global warming. They provided resources and an action plan the students can use to recycle and reduce waste they make. We love our school so much and value what they do for our family.

~ Sofia Cortez and Vincent Cortez

I value and appreciate the Christ-centered and family-structured environment that St. Elizabeth Elementary School community offered me as a student for 12 years [through St. Elizabeth High School] and continues to foster today. The St. Elizabeth School community was a major part of my childhood and became a seed that sprouted me into the college graduate, adult, and parent alumna that I am today. For my children to experience the St. Elizabeth School community is not only a blessing but a gift as I get to share my childhood, which was built up with such good memories due to the amazing individuals, events, and core foundation it continues to stand on today.

~ Raychell Simmons, Parent and Alumna