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5th Grade

5th Grade


Fifth Grade is an important year for students; it is the year that we reinforce all the skills learned in their elementary years while laying the foundation for middle school and beyond. It is a year of continued academic, spiritual, and personal growth for students.

While still in elementary school, students are beginning to develop the skills they need to be successful in middle school: independence in their learning and self advocating.


Reading is a VERY important part of the fifth grade. Nightly reading is crucial to students’ reading development. We will focus on both literary and informational texts.

Students will be able to:

We will be reading many novels this year including:


Writing is crucial in the fifth grade. Students are required to respond in well formed complete sentences while avoiding pronouns.

Students will be able to:

We will be writing many papers including:


In fifth grade we will become fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts to further support the complex fifth grade math curriculum. We will learn a new concept, practice in class and will be reinforced with homework. As the curriculum progresses, we will continue to use the skills learned to understand new concepts.

Students will be able to:


Students will begin to learn about the classification of living things, cells, plants, life cycles, and the human body. Students will also learn about important scientists in brief biographies and research reports.

Our most exciting activity will be creating science projects for the Science Fair! Each student will create a project that they will present to their peers and the school-wide community.

In science this year, students will:

Social Studies

In history-social science, students will focus on the early years of the history of the United States.

In history-social science this year, students will learn:


In Religion, students will continue to learn about the Catholic Faith and the role of Christ in their life. Students will learn Gospel values, sacred Tradition, and how to become active disciples of Jesus Christ through Scripture, doctrine, and Church teachings.

In Religion this year, students will: